Fight Song and Alma Mater

Fight Song (1936)
Words by T. A. Barnhart
Music by Mrs. C. L. Woodward

Oh, we will fight, we'll fight together
For the honor of the blue and gray.
Oh, we'll ram right in,
With that good old vim,
We'll take ‘em, we'll break ‘em
Till we Win! Win! Win!

Oh, yes, we'll fight, we'll fight together,
Our loyal banners fly,
So it's Fight! Fight! Fight!
Till we win tonight
Hurray for the team - Hi! Hi!

Alma Mater (1941)
Arr. O. T. Belsheim
Lyrics by Mary Jane Alguire Middleton ‘42
Revised in 1987

Hail to thee! Our Alma Mater,
Of the Blue and Gray;
Fair to us above all others
Is thy name today!
Blue and Gray, Flag we love,
Float and wave alway
For D - S - U.
May thine own fore'er be loyal
To thy memory.