Blue Hawks fall to Saints on Senior Night, 77-68

Blue Hawks fall to Saints on Senior Night, 77-68

DICKINSON, N.D. -- The Blue Hawks honored Ty Ackelson, Robbie MoreyIsiah Thomas,Brock Boos, and Carl Dynneson on Senior Night at Scott Gym on Saturday (Feb. 15).  Dickinson State fell to Carroll College, 77-68.

Boos started the scoring with a long three-pointer just 14 seconds into play.   The Blue Hawks' seniors combined for 19 points, 11 rebounds, and six assists.

Chris McGrath tallied 27 points for the Saints, while Dennis Mikelonis picked up 22.  Mikelonis recorded a double-double with 10 rebounds.  Carroll finished with 29 rebounds, 10 assists, and a 52.9 shooting percentage.

Junior Tevin Russell notched 21 points for Dickinson State, while Boss knocked down 11.  Junior Justin Goodwin led with seven rebounds.  Ackelson finished with three points, three rebounds, and an assist.  Morey tallied five points, five rebounds, and four assists. Boos had an assist and two rebounds to go along with his 11 points.

Here is what Coach Ty Orton had to say of his seniors:

Carl Dynneson- Carl is an All-Conference performer from Sidney, Montana. He achieved this on the football field. Carl returned to the Blue Hawk basketball squad after a year and a half hiatus. Carl has also been recognized by the Frontier Conference and the NAIA for his success in the classroom. His intelligence was put to the test when he joined the team on a Tuesday with games that weekend. Carl learned the playbook that week and provided 23 solid minutes, 6 points, and 5 rebounds in the first game of his return. Dynneson's immediate contributions speak volumes to his ability to adapt on the fly. Carl's contributions to this university stretch beyond the football field and basketball court. He is an active member of the Theodore Roosevelt Honors and Leadership program.  He will graduate with a degree in pre med.  He was escorted by his parents John and Nancy Dynneson.

Ty Ackelson- Ty, a product of Fort Collins, Colorado came to Dickinson by way of Northwest Junior College in Powell, Wyoming. Ackelson has been a tremendous leader on and off the court for the Blue Hawks for the past two seasons. Ty has never done things the conventional way, his 6" 1' frame doesn't allow him that convenience, but DICKINSON STATE fans know he seemingly always finds a way to get the job done. He currently sits 16th in the nation in three point fieldgoal percentage at 45% which compliments his uncanny ability to get to the hoop, muster up a shot, and get to the free throw line. Ty's determination is not limited to the basketball court. He is working on a business administration degree that will propel him into his life after basketball.   He was escorted by his mother Beth Ackelson.

Isiah Thomas- It is impossible to honor Isiah Thomas without addressing the NBA legend he happens to share a name with. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Thomas' career is his ability to put up with countless humorless "jokes" and unoriginal comments made about his name. We appreciate his patience! Thomas came to Dickinson after a prep career in Apple Valley, Minnesota. Isiah is a tremendous example of a true program player. He went through all of the hardships of being a new face in the program, stuck to it through thick and thin and developed into a huge contributor by the later stages of his career. His toughness is put on display nightly when he goes to battle against some of the premier post players in the league with his 6" 4' frame. Nothing came easy for Isiah and he makes sure nobody he is guarding gets anything easy on his watch. Isiah's determination will help him excel after receiving his international business degree.  He is escorted by his parents Tollie and Susan Thomas.

Brock Boos- Brock loves to shoot. Throughout his time at DICKINSON STATE his "green light" range has continued to expand. It takes a certain level of courage to fire away from the Blue Hawk's wing just past half court but Boos has electrified Scott Gymnasium for four years by pushing the boundaries of his shooting range. He would undoubtedly be willing to fire away from his home town of Bowman, if he was feeling it that night. Brock suffered a season ending knee injury during his sophomore campaign but his resilience has made him a mainstay in the starting lineup. Brock is another program player who has gone from unproven freshman to senior leader. While his shooting remains the mainstay of his game, Boos has adapted to scouting reports by becoming a tenacious cutter frequently freeing himself up underneath the basket.  Brock was a member of the all-conference academic team last season. After Brock fires away for the last time he will turn his attention towards a career using his exercise science degree.  He was escorted by his parents Don and Sue Boos.

Robbie Morey- The hometown product from Trinity High School embodies all of the important aspects of being a blue hawk. Morey has been a constant contributor for DICKINSON STATE since his arrival on campus four years ago. Robbie can light it up from the 3 but he never shies away from an opportunity to drive to the rim and create separation using the Trinity spin. Robbie has been a tremendous demonstration of how to lead by example. If you hear a ball bounce on the floor, expect to see Robbie flying after it. During preseason practices he had to be told repeatedly to save his body for the season. This may have been the only time Robbie failed to listen because he would undoubtedly take a charge or fly into the wall the next possession. Robbie's contribution to the team cannot always be seen on the stat sheet. On nights when shots aren't falling Robbie will make every effort to help the team any way he can. Robbie is also a great example for his teammates in the classroom. He is another player currently in the Theodore Roosevelt Honors and Leadership Program and his been recognized for his academic prowess throughout his career.  Robbie will transition his tough nosed hard working attitude into the business world with his degree in Business Administration.  He was escorted by his parents Terry and Audrey Morey.

The Blue Hawks' two remaining games are on the road.  They travel first to Montana State-Northern on Thursday (Feb. 20), before heading to Carroll on Friday (Feb. 21).