New Scoreboard for Softball Donated by Ben Frank

New Scoreboard for Softball Donated by Ben Frank

DICKINSON, N.D. – The 2014 season marked the first year the Blue Hawks called the North Softball Complex home. For the upcoming season, there is a big addition to the field.

Thanks to the generosity of Ben Frank a navy scoreboard bearing Dickinson State University now adorns the left field line.  The scoreboard helps complete the feeling of home for the Blue Hawks.

"Ben's donation of the scoreboard to our program and the facility that we play on gives our program an identity at the North Softball Complex," Head Softball Coach Kristen Fleury said.  "We are gracious to the Dickinson Parks and Rec for allowing us to play on the city fields but being able to have something that is ours and says Dickinson State University makes it feel like home."

The All American Scoreboard features a shatterproof face and displays: home score, away score, inning, balls, strikes, outs, and whether or not the play was ruled a hit or an error. 

The benefits of the new scoreboard doesn't stop at statistics, according to Coach Fleury.

"Not only from a logistics stand point but we are now excited to take potential student athletes to the field and show them where we play," said Fleury.  "It's been a long time coming and we are excited to continue our success on our new home."

The Blue Hawks finished the 2014 season with an overall record of 39-15 and a 20-1 conference record.  After winning the Frontier/North Star Unaffiliated Tournament the Blue Hawks went to the NAIA World Series Opening Round.

With an identity established at the North Softball Complex, thanks to Ben Frank's generosity, the Blue Hawks look to build on the success of the 2014 season in 2015.